Working within sectors such as offshore and nuclear engineering it is clear how important it is that our profiles are as precise as possible. Through our skilled and experienced profilers we are able to work to tight tolerances when flame cutting. We have listed our tolerances on this page to give you some more information on exactly how specific our flame cutting can be. In the photo we have some examples of profiles we have cut. Here you can see some squares and rectangles with further squares and diameters cut inside. When working on profiles like this ensuring that the cutting is precise as possible is really important. While it can take time to ensure that the profile is set up right on the cutting bed it makes a difference when cutting profiles such as this. To compliment our flame cutting service we also offer lumsden grinding, both rotary and reciprocating grinding. Again with our flame cutting precision is really important when we are grinding profiles. We are able to offer +1/-1mm to 3mm on our grinding depending on the thickness, unspecified dimensions can be ground to +/-0.25mm while specified dimensions can be ground to +/-0.12mm. Have a look at our lumsden grinding page for more information. For more information or to place an order for our precision flame cutting please call 0844 2459781 or email