Steel Profiles for the Nuclear industry

Nuclear Power Stations are responsible for 13% of the worlds electricity supply.

Nuclear Reactors produce and maintain energy release by splitting the particles of specific elements in a process known as Nuclear Fission.

There are a number of different common components of a Nuclear Reactor none any more common than steel, steel with specialised grades.

Evidence of its importunacy to this industry is prevalent when realising how important the role of steel really is in the creation of Nuclear Energy, with the added factor of protecting workers from the effects of radiation.

Part of the Malthouse Group, Keiton Engineering Limited is perfectly positioned for the supply of all specialised steel grades for Tier 2 & Tier 3 contractors and Fabricators.

With extensive experience in material supply and a proven track record in the successful supply to  this specialised industry, Keiton Engineering offer extensive stock grades suitable for Nuclear applications which also extends to full material certification.

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